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Clover Flex Payment Solution in Bluffton SCAs more customers go for cashless transactions, businesses also turn to flexible and modern payment options. One of the best business solutions is Clover Flex.

Clover Flex is a full-fledged point of sale (POS) terminal and business management system. It’s an all-in-one device that allows businesses to manage the needs of their customers wherever they may be.

Whether you are a restaurant, retail shop, or an owner of any business that wants to serve customers better, Proudly offers Clover Flex. In essence, a modern way to pay, that is faster than ever.

The Clover Flex Payment Solution

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What Can Clover Flex Do For Your Business?

Accept All Types Of Payments Faster

With Clover Flex, customers can pay how they want to pay. Swipe, dip, or tap. Credit or debit. The system even allows you to accept all NFC (near field communication) mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and more. With Clover Flex, you get customer’s payment twice as fast.

Be 100% Mobile

Flex is the most complete, fully mobile setup in the Clover ecosystem. The small handheld device allows you to monitor your business, get orders, settle payments, print receipts, and track your sales, all in the palm of your hand. It also has a long-lasting battery that could last for at least eight hours in one charge, enough for a day’s operation.

Cover Flex likewise allows you to do business anywhere. As long as you have a WIFI or LTE network, you get to enjoy its full feature. But no problem, it can also work even offline.

Get Rapid Deposit

With Clover Flex, you also get funds faster. Flex comes ready for Rapid Deposit. Payments are transferred automatically to your bank account as fast as the next business day.

Protect Your Information

Clover Flex also offers protection for your business and customer’s information. The system uses end-to-end encryption and data tokenization, integrated EMV chip sensors, and fingerprint logins.

Cloud Accessible Data

Cloud Flex also allows you to do business using any device. All your business data and information are in the cloud so that you can do business on your computer or phone.

Get Loyal Customers

With the system, you can also create a fun and effective loyalty program within minutes. With just a few clicks, you can create custom-branded gift cards to attract new customers and retain old ones. The best thing about it is it’s free.

The Best POS Devices Available in the Market Today

Proudly offers the Best POS devices  in the market today. Run your business easier using high-quality, Clover Flex devices , and create positive gains with Clover Flex Payment Solution in just a short period.

Other Clover POS devices on our lineup includes Clover Station Pro, Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Go. Call us to discuss any of these business solutions for your business.

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